are cryptocurrencies or bitcoin just a bubble

are cryptocurrencies or bitcoin just a bubble

cryptocurrencies are now common investments these days, almost everyone is getting into the world of the crypto market because they think crypto investments are the last hope for them to get their financial freedoms, there’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies offer huge profits to their investors, and if you invested in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency earlier you would have become a millionaire.

cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are great opportunities for beginners but here lies a doubt “Are cryptocurrencies bubbles “The simple answer is no, but some people don’t believe in it and due to this they lose one of the biggest opportunities of the 20th century.

in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why some people think that the crypto market is a bubble as well as we will clear all the doubts about crypto trading.

why do people think crypto is a bubble

no one knows its history

one of the main reasons why people think that crypto is a bubble is that it was not controlled by anyone, the owner of the big-name crypto coin Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto who published its whitepaper in 2008.

after that no one knows, more information about Bitcoin, some people says that Satoshi Nakamoto is a girl or a group of hackers, bitcoin was first developed to get rid of the financial banking system and be free from all the transactional restrictions.

spamming was being done through this

due to its secure blockchain, it was very difficult to track someone’s identity due to which it was easy for people to spam therefore some people considered it unsafe and forbid others to invest in one of the biggest opportunities of that time.

in 2013, bitcoin price was a little due to its less use in forbidden markets, but later it also started for the use of storing funds, there’s no restriction on your funds when you keep your money in the crypto wallet, you can deposit or withdraw your funds anytime you want without any kind of hesitation. which is the point that also proves that cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is not a bubble.

the price hike is also a factor

another reason why people consider cryptocurrencies or bitcoin a bubble is its price hike, the crypto market is one of the most volatile markets in the world due to which it made several billionaires but on the other hand some people lost their all money in crypto markets, because of this they think crypto is a scam. they lost their money because of their mismanagement which cannot be considered as a point that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are bad investments.

a middle-class person can make insane money from Bitcoin if he/she properly learns who to trade or invest in, due to this reason there are many fake crypto gurus as well in this crypto market and they just earn money from you by selling their cheap crypto courses.

the people who waste their money by buying courses from fake crypto gurus also state crypto as a bubble, again they got their money wasted due to their faults.

the people who are serious in this market have gained insane profits by investing in stable crypto projects like Ethereum, Ada (Cardano), and xrp. the fact lies here you need a trusted crypto mentor to make profits like other crypto traders.

why crypto is safe and it is not a bubble

it is based on the decentralized system

The main reason why I consider cryptocurrencies as safe investments is because of their decentralized systems, you have control over funds and you can manage them according to your needs, no third party is involved. If you keep your money in the banking app it is possible that it can be hacked by someone, but cryptocurrencies are based on a blockchain system where no one can steal your funds.

If Bitcoin was a bubble it may have dropped to cents earlier but it’s been 16 years since Bitcoin was launched and its price is increasing every year, also if it was a bubble it would be controlled by an organization but no organization is involved in the whole blockchain system.

it is being regulated widely

another reason that proves bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are not a bubble is their regulation, firstly it was not regulated but now it is being adopted by many countries like EL-Salvador which makes bitcoin or other crypto coins as a safe and reliable investment.

not only this, but a big-name assets management company called “ Black Rock “ has also started to invest in bitcoin, and Bitcoin spot ETF was also approved, all these facts prove that bitcoin is a safe investment and it is not a bubble, it is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get a high return over his/her investment.

final assistance

I hope this article was helpful and has cleared all your doubts about the crypto market, now if you wish to know more about crypto trading you can click here if you still have any questions in your mind about the crypto market you can feel free to contact us because we are always happy to help you.